The Pay It Forward campaign was created to ensure that we are doing our part to support our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. By becoming a CAR.O.L affiliate, businesses will be given more opportunity for financial stability. 


CAR.O.L will offer all commercial clients a commission of $500 per sale on all bikes sold by the commercial license owners. By doing this, your clients can stay fit at home.   



Terms & Conditions 

CAR.O.L reserves the right to change the promotion end date without reason or notice.Commission will be paid weekly on Sunday. To receive commissions, invoices from commercial clients must be sent to CAR.O.L by Friday that week.

On Friday morning, you will receive a break down of all sales made that week. You may also receive a break down of sales that were unaccounted for in the previous week, as well as a total commission payment owed to you. You must make an invoice for this payment. The invoice must include your banking details and business address so that you can receive payment. 


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